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Determining whether or not an Amazon store is right for you? Checkout out our most frequently asked questions below to see how we help our clients with their very own Amazon storefronts.

How does an Amazon Storefront diversify my portfolio?

Changes in interest rates impact many businesses and investments differently. Most of our clients are tired of the volatility in the stock market, and the low cashflow of real estate with current interest rate hikes. eCommerce has only grown since inception and has become an alternative asset class many investors have turned to in recent years due to the cashflow and hands free approach we provide.

What types of products do you sell on my store?

We sell a variety of products and brands. Most notably our allocation is more weighted towards branded products that people know like and trust such as Starbucks, Pampers, Nike and many other established names alike. We work with over 110 Brands and provide our clients a diverse range of products able to be listed on their store.

Who chooses the products for my Amazon storefront?

Our team of experts choose the products and catalogs depending on the capital available, age of accounts and any other restrictions on a case by case basis with each of our clients.

What does it take to have a successful eCommerce store?

There are many factors in eCommerce that determine progression towards a revenue goal. The industry can be broken down into 3 areas to cover.

Here are the questions to review and ask yourself before choosing what type of eCommerce business you are looking to invest into.

Platform: Is the platform built for commerce and how can I get distribution of products on it?

Process: How is the process ran, optimized and improved upon as the market continues to change?

People: Who is responsible for implementing all stated above, and what has the team accomplished so far?

Are all Amazon Service Providers the same?

No, many providers many not have the infrastructure, team and experience to achieve the levels of scale you’re shooting for.

The lower the price of the service offering, more than likely they don’t have the full integrated ops or talent needed to confidently scale a store to the heights we have.

What types of Returns can an Amazon Store provide?

Amazon store returns may vary, but profit margins--net of fees--on the full operation can range from 10-25%. Product profit margins are similarly variable but may range from 20-50% depending on our relationship with the brand.

*Please refer to disclaimers, including earning representation disclosures, at the footer of the webpage.*

Are their Any Guarantees associated with my store’s performance?

ARC provides a contractual performance guarantee in our agreements. If your store does not product a 100% return on investment from net profits of the initial on boarding fee within 24 months, ARC will wave its biannual renewal fee and its share of profit splits until the store recoups the initial amount paid in by the Customer. This guarantee is subject to additional terms, conditions, and disclosures contained in our standard agreement. Please contact us to review this guarantee and learn more.

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