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We work with brand name products, and up and coming brands with proven demand to add as a distribution channel to our network for our clients. Our team will review upon a variety of factors for eligibility for the Brand Network Program.

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Perks and Benefits of Working with ARC

The best brands in the world don’t just participate in an channel, they dominate it. Our unique platform allows brands to reach their customers in a whole new way.

Diversity Amazon-Channel Approach

Just as you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket at one retail location or kiosk, we take the same approach with your products with our Amazon stores under management.

Diversified Movement of Inventory

With a diverse range of partners, this ensures if approved, your inventory has the buying power to facilitate orders in a diversified capital structure.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Each brand has the control over how many authorized sellers can sell their product, which we facilitate and curate for Brands.

Support Digital Marketing Efforts

Doing a massive marketing campaign and need additional differentiators? Enhance your Campaign by layering on additional authorized accounts to sell your product to show authority and demand for your goods.

Support Third Party Sellers

As your product sells, all of us win together. We bring you new customers, our partners win and we win with the profit share on the success of our clients storefronts. Now thats what we call a win-win-win relationship.

Our Vetting Process

Trust and Integrity

At the core of everything we do, every decision we make comes down to the intent and how we choose to work together. This is is a core foundational element to our team and is essential for our working environment.

Proactive not Reactive

As the pace with company growth increases, what we achieve for ourselves and our clients comes from thinking, acting a step ahead. Every decision we make we strive to be 5 steps ahead rather than being reactive.

Extreme Ownership, No Excuses

Mistakes happen but how we handle and react to them makes all the difference. This is a non negotiable, and our team loves it.

Nobody is above the team

Each and every one of us are accountable to one another and responsible for the achievement of our goals and our company mission. Collaboration is key to inspire innovation and growth.

Show Me Don’t Tell Me

We are a data driven company and have transparency in everything we do. This is to provide clarity of communication internally for our teams but also to optimize for growth personally and professionally.

Proven Demand

We evaluate initially on revenue generated through online channels

Wholesale Pricing

We determine the best fit for us to help you move inventory but generate returns for all parties

Product Quality Check

We inspect every product to ensure the quality is up to our standards and goes through our QC checklist to ensure product deliverability.

Logistics Review

Product fulfillment is crucial for our clients and our teams, so ensuring timeliness and product deliveries are evaluated to determine integration.


If approved into the network, we’ll determine the best steps forward for getting geared up into our Architecture and prepped for client stores.

Product Distribution

We’ll start listing approved in demand products on our distributed network of stores under management and make data backed decisions accordingly.

Brands That Trust Us

Here are just some of the 75+ brands that we work with to sell on behalf of our clients.

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