Automated Retail Commerce Announces Strategic Initiative with Prime Corporate Services to Help Clients with Legal Needs


June 03, 2023

3 Minutes

Automated Retail Commerce Announces Strategic Initiative with Prime Corporate Services to Help Clients with Legal Needs

We are thrilled to share groundbreaking news with our valued clients and partners. Automated Retail Commerce, the industry leader in eCommerce as a service, is proud to announce an exciting initiative with Prime Corporate Services, a renowned provider of legal and entity setup solutions. Together, we are revolutionizing the way businesses navigate the dynamic world of Amazon's ecommerce store by introducing a comprehensive "done for you" Amazon program. This unique collaboration seamlessly integrates our world class eCommerce as a service solution, with Prime Corporate Services' expertise in legal compliance and entity formation, empowering our clients like never before.

Automated Retail Commerce: Pioneers of Seamless eCommerce as a Service

At Automated Retail Commerce, we have built our reputation on creating a world class eCommerce management service. Our team of experts and AI technology allows our clients’ businesses to take part on Amazon's expansive ecommerce platform, providing exposure to the growing eCommerce industry. By building strong brand relationships and utilizing ai software to streamline critical processes such as inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment, we streamline operations, allowing our clients to focus on strategic initiatives and expanding their business horizons.

Introducing Prime Corporate Services: Masters of Legal Compliance and Entity Setup

Recognizing the need for a legal guidance with our clients, we have partnered with Prime Corporate Services, experts in legal and entity setup solutions. Prime Corporate Services brings unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricacies of corporate compliance and formation. Their industry-leading services ensure that our clients remain fully compliant with Amazon's stringent guidelines, safeguarding against penalties and account suspensions that can hinder growth and success.

The "Done for You" Amazon Program: A Game-Changer for Your Business

Our collaborative initiative with Prime Corporate Services takes the concept of Amazon automation to extraordinary heights. With our "done for you" Amazon program, we seamlessly integrate our proven processes and client success systems with Prime Corporate Services' legal and entity setup expertise. By embracing this program, your business gains a significant competitive advantage — speeding up your stores launch, while ensuring legal compliance and streamlined entity formation.

Benefits of the Automated Retail Commerce and Prime Corporate Services Initiative

Simplified Legal Compliance: With Prime Corporate Services' unrivaled knowledge of Amazon's guidelines and regulations, you can rest easy knowing that your operations adhere to the platform's requirements. This minimizes the risk of account suspensions and legal complications, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted growth.

Hassle-Free Entity Formation: Prime Corporate Services guides you through the entire process of entity formation, establishing a robust legal foundation and protecting your valuable assets. This ensures long-term stability and unlocks your business's full potential on the Amazon platform.

Time and Cost Savings: By combining automation technology with legal and entity setup services, we save you precious time and resources. Our seamless integration eliminates the need to engage multiple service providers, streamlining the overall process and increasing efficiency.

Expert Guidance and Support: Automated Retail Commerce and Prime Corporate Services are dedicated to providing you with exceptional support and guidance throughout your journey. We are here to ensure that you have the assistance you need to make informed decisions and achieve your unique business goals.

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